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You may be asking – The Velvet Zebra ?? Unless you didn’t even notice your browser bar isn’t showing MyMidnightMuse anymore … You’ve arrived at In the coming week(s) […]

Cheap Tweet

I miss Twitter sometimes. There, I said it. Yes, I deleted the App from my iPad months ago and stopped Tweeting altogether, but recently I’ve been missing it just a […]


Every now and again I look up, gaze around, and am shocked to find I’m not the only person on the planet ! I know, right? Well it’s easier to […]


I’m gradually getting used to the idea that I can’t just phone my Mother, or drive the 5 miles to her house to have dinner. It’s not easy, there are […]

Dear Prudence;

I write to you with news of the most peculiar kind. This day finds me again on the path that will return me to you, and I proceed with haste, […]

Dear Prudence

I take this moment of pause and reflection and avail upon it a chance to send you news of my duel. As you recall, on that day whence I was […]

Dear Prudence

I beg thee pardon for my extended absence, but I fear my return will be further delayed, although I expect not too tally much longer. You see, upon my journey […]


My brain is all too mushy and imploded to post anything intelligent.  My sister’s unemployment benefits have run out, and that was the emergency extension. But she has an all-day […]

My Peeps and Peepettes

Don’t miss out on the September sale!  Visit and pick up my eBook In The Time of Dying for free! That’s right, FREE, but only until Midnight September 30th.  […]

I love Fall!

How much do I love Fall? I love Fall SO much, I’m going to celebrate by giving you one month to download my eBook In The Time Of Dying, for […]

Summer Sale !

Throughout the month of July, there’s a huge Summer Sale at Smashwords, where you’ll find my eBooks (with the exception of Ether) on sale for 50% off the original price! […]

Strike a pose

I’ve been told I hold a pen in a very angry manner. Maybe that’s true, although I don’t see how it’s all that different than others. Sure, there are other […]
Strike a pose