Does this mean we’re Fancy?

So you’re doing it. You navigated the weirdness and learned what it takes to be a successful Art or Craft Show Vendor, peddling your Handmade Goods to the masses. Cool! But as you spend time between Shows, putting your product images and details online in your free web page because you learned – either aheadContinue reading “Does this mean we’re Fancy?”

Seriously, can NOTHING be Simple?

You’re an Artist. You make something wonderful, by your own hand, and you want to start selling it. Good for you! But you have questions – like: How much should I charge? Do I need my own webpage? Should I sign up with Etsy? Are Facebook / Instagram Ads really the way to spend myContinue reading “Seriously, can NOTHING be Simple?”

This Time, it’s Personal!

We’ve seen some things, man, and some stuff. A woman was in our booth one lovely summer day, chatting us up. The topic somehow ventured away from our products to the various surgeries she’s had over the years. We can’t even pretend we know how that happened, but before we knew it, up went herContinue reading “This Time, it’s Personal!”

People are Scary!

If you’re not very outgoing, then vending at an Art Show is either going to be hard for you to get through, or a learning experience and opportunity for growth. Maybe you do these things with a partner, who is outgoing. That will help, but you really need to work on it. If only oneContinue reading “People are Scary!”

Craft Show Realities – the Stuff no one tells you about.

The Velvet Zebra has been attending Craft and Art shows for over 20 years, and as you would expect, we’ve seen a lot. In reading these Articles, you might begin to get the impression we dislike or regret getting in to this kind of business. Please be assured this is NOT the case. We trulyContinue reading “Craft Show Realities – the Stuff no one tells you about.”

Craft Show Etiquette and the Lack Thereof!

So now you’re a vendor at a Craft / Art Show. Awesome! You’re all set up and selling your Handmade products. If you’re at a show with us, we’d love to say Hello! Now comes the interesting part. Depending on what it is that you sell, you’ll find there are behaviors exhibited by a largeContinue reading “Craft Show Etiquette and the Lack Thereof!”

Craft Show Facts, Tips and Reality Checks

So here you are. You’ve taken the plunge, you’ve joined our little gypsy squad, and we’re thrilled to have you, but you’re not too sure if you’re doing this right . . . Well first off, congratulations for being a Handmade artist – the world needs more of us. I hope you took our adviceContinue reading “Craft Show Facts, Tips and Reality Checks”

You’re Here, Now What?

Welcome to the world of Craft Show Vending. You have a Handmade product that you decided to start selling, you’ve read our previous articles, and you’re taking the plunge! Good for you! Now’s the time to find out if someone other than your family thinks your products are worth buying. The Velvet Zebra is lucky,Continue reading “You’re Here, Now What?”