Craft Show Etiquette and the Lack Thereof!

So now you’re a vendor at a Craft / Art Show. Awesome! You’re all set up and selling your Handmade products. If you’re at a show with us, we’d love to say Hello! Now comes the interesting part. Depending on what it is that you sell, you’ll find there are behaviors exhibited by a largeContinue reading “Craft Show Etiquette and the Lack Thereof!”

Craft Show Facts, Tips and Reality Checks

So here you are. You’ve taken the plunge, you’ve joined our little gypsy squad, and we’re thrilled to have you, but you’re not too sure if you’re doing this right . . . Well first off, congratulations for being a Handmade artist – the world needs more of us. I hope you took our adviceContinue reading “Craft Show Facts, Tips and Reality Checks”

You’re Here, Now What?

Welcome to the world of Craft Show Vending. You have a Handmade product that you decided to start selling, you’ve read our previous articles, and you’re taking the plunge! Good for you! Now’s the time to find out if someone other than your family thinks your products are worth buying. The Velvet Zebra is lucky,Continue reading “You’re Here, Now What?”

New Fiction title

New in the eBook and Paperback store: Captain Neal Bishop hasn’t been having very good luck.  While recovering from injuries, he had the misfortune of catching his Commander spending quality time with a superior’s wife. That landed him a rather dull rehab assignment body-guarding a group of scientists at an archeological site. But this siteContinue reading “New Fiction title”


You may be asking – The Velvet Zebra ?? Unless you didn’t even notice your browser bar isn’t showing MyMidnightMuse anymore … You’ve arrived at In the coming week(s) this page will be updated to reflect the new business model my sister and I have adopted. There’s not that much changing besides structure andContinue reading “Branding”

Have no place, I can be, since I found Serenity

Sorry, it’s just that the ION network on Direct TV is airing Firefly every night this week, and I watched several eps last night. It gave me a Happy. So does the New Year. I’ve already decided, based on a complete lack of evidence to the contrary, that this year is gonna be a goodContinue reading “Have no place, I can be, since I found Serenity”