She’s got a ticket to ride

The roller coaster of unemployment is still pluggin’ along. After applying for a few jobs my sister was perfectly suited for – and getting NOTHING in response, I was starting to get seriously angry. There’s one job for the city, the office is only a mile from our house, that she applied for. There wasContinue reading “She’s got a ticket to ride”

Diary of Madness day 2.5

One of the things I resent the most is being back on that emotional roller coaster you’re forced to ride while waiting for “the phone call.” My sister applied for a job last week that closed on Friday, the 12th. When she applied, she had to go through the agency the Unemployment office uses, becauseContinue reading “Diary of Madness day 2.5”

Diary of Madness, Day 2

I’m furious. I got home last night to find my sister was having to fill out a form from the Unemployment office to explain why her rendition of events differs from her (now former) employer. Seems HE said she had been Fired! For the record – my sister was called into her supervisor’s office aContinue reading “Diary of Madness, Day 2”