Craft Show Facts, Tips and Reality Checks

So here you are. You’ve taken the plunge, you’ve joined our little gypsy squad, and we’re thrilled to have you, but you’re not too sure if you’re doing this right . . . Well first off, congratulations for being a Handmade artist – the world needs more of us. I hope you took our adviceContinue reading “Craft Show Facts, Tips and Reality Checks”

You’re Here, Now What?

Welcome to the world of Craft Show Vending. You have a Handmade product that you decided to start selling, you’ve read our previous articles, and you’re taking the plunge! Good for you! Now’s the time to find out if someone other than your family thinks your products are worth buying. The Velvet Zebra is lucky,Continue reading “You’re Here, Now What?”

The Beauty of Chainmaille

Sometimes even the most seasoned Mailler will sit down and experiment. You may find yourself with only a handful of rings in odd sizes, unsure what you can make with the selection you have but still feeling the urge to work some rings together. So you’ll start tp putz around, play with patterns you knowContinue reading “The Beauty of Chainmaille”