The Trouble with eReaders

For the record, I have a Nook. The Nook Simple Touch, to be specific. But the issue I have with eReaders spans them all – the Nook, the Kindle, et al. (okay, so those are the only two I can remember the names of, I’m sure there are some et al.s)

And the problem is this:

It’s too easy.

They’ve made buying books WAY too easy. Back in the day (a few months ago) before I had my Nook, if I wanted a new book to read I had to get up, go to the car, drive 20 minutes to the mall where Barnes & Noble is (the only bookstore in town these days) and wander around the store putting up with the rampant slime people call “teenagers” who aren’t there for books at all, but rather to “hang out” in the cafe and make life generally irritating for the rest of us. Then there are the snot nosers Mommie parked in all the comfy chairs with toy blocks so she can visit the Cookbooks by way of the Romance section.

After putting up with all of that (this is assuming I could find a place to park and get inside in the first place) then I’m left to wade through the massive “Young Adult” section, bloated thanks to the popularity of Twilight and Hunger Games just to find the SF or Fiction shelves, now greatly reduced in size in order to make room for the ever growing DVD arena. (for the record, I’m not knocking Young Adult or Romance).

Then I get to stand in a narrow corridor of shelves with my head tilted sideways, reading the same spines that were there the month before, and the month before that, trying to find something new or interesting to glance at. If I’m lucky enough to find a few that interest me, I get to stand there (because the snot runners are all using the chairs) and read as many pages as I can before my feet scream at me, in order to decide which one of these I’m willing to shell cash out for and take home to read.

Thanks to the Nook, those days are behind me.

Now, whenever I want a new book, I just put my feet up on the coffee table (though I believe that’s optional) turn on the wireless, and wander virtually through the bookstore from the comfort of my own leather sofa. When I find titles that interest me, I download a sample – usually 25 or 30 pages – read them, and if I find something that strikes my fancy — Ipso Facto Hocus Pocus — it’s mine.

That easy.

When I find a book I want, with the touch of a thumb to the screen, I’ve purchased the book, downloaded it into my Nook, and it’s Mine, all Mine ! Easy as pie, I’ve just wandered the bookstore and purchased a new book to read, without so much as putting on shoes. (you thought I was gonna say pants, didn’t you?)

That’s right, folks, they’ve made it far too easy to spend money and buy books ! In the past two months, since being given this Nook, I’ve purchased more books than I did all last summer! And I’m reading a ton more than I have in a long while. I carry the Nook with me everywhere, in my purse, and whip it out whenever I have a few minutes of down time somewhere. I’ll even read in line at the Post Office or while I’m waiting for someone to make my take-and-bake pizza at Papa Murphy’s.

And while I can’t speak for the Kindle – the Nook has a lovely add-on bonus of in-store reading, for those days when I brave the snot-drippers and rampant slimes and want to GO to Barnes & Noble for a bit. I can wander the shelves to find titles, pull them up on my Nook using the free in-store wireless, and begin reading the entire book for free, for a full hour. As much of it as I can consume i one hour, free. With the option to buy it and take it home to finish, or save my place and come back the next day to read more.

The reason I went with Nook was simple – my sisters and my nieces all have Nooks, and we can loan each other books, one Nook to another. Awesome little bonus. Though I know people with Kindles who are just as enamored with them.

So, if you’re still on the fence – considering an eReader for yourself – keep in mind the danger to your bank account ! (and remember, some of MY titles are still free 😀 )

One thought on “The Trouble with eReaders

  1. Wait, Wait, WAIT… you can read any book for free on Nook for an hour a day as long as you’re in the store??? Right now I’m wishing I had an hour a day and a Nook.
    I’m a kindle girl myself 🙂
    It is too easy. I spend my weekends haunting the top 100 free and stockpiling to my heart’s content. I’ve now had to STOP and make myself read all the lovely books that are waiting for me. It’s so hard not to indulge, though.

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