Every now and again I look up, gaze around, and am shocked to find I’m not the only person on the planet !

I know, right?

Well it’s easier to concentrate on important stuff these days. I got rid of Twitter, so I’m not pissed off anymore when I realize everyone is busily bobbing about saying nothing in 144 character bursts.  Thank God I’ve never fallen for the Facebook Fever – – I swear, every time someone says “Friend me!” an angel loses it’s wings.  You think you have 247 Friends?  Try asking one of them for money.

I, on the other hand, do not need money.  And no, I haven’t bought a Lotto ticket for the half gazillion Mega-Whatever it is.  If you have, best of luck to you.

I’ve been SO good lately – – haven’t had sweets in over a month. My sister and I exercise nightly, without fail. Our niece is getting married in August, and come hell or high water, we’re gonna look nice for it !

Do you know how hard it is to go without sweets when the stores all carry EASTER CANDY?!?  (be strong!)

I’ve been on “vacation” Thursday and today (Friday) just because.  My birthday is Sunday and since I don’t work on Sundays, well I had to treat myself and make it a four day weekend.  Yesterday I did some chores, today I drove my sister to work then went and did our grocery shopping for the week, so tonight I can go pick her up and she can treat me to dinner 😀

I spent the last twenty minutes with the locksmith who changed all the locks to my house and garage.  Long story, but with my Mother gone now, we weren’t comfortable knowing her husband has a key to our house.  Asking for it back would mean he’d tell us as often as he possibly could that he’d made copies before giving it back.   You pick your battles, yanno?  Things are becoming problematic, so changing the locks was easier and worth the piece of mind.

Tomorrow – – I’m so excited – we’re driving down to Olympia to shop at The Tea Lady !  I know, you probably don’t care.  Honestly, I can’t seem to find anyone who does care aside from my sister and myself.  But trust me, it’s exciting.  I get to stock up on tea, maybe pick up a new tea pot or something pretty.  Then we need to head further south to Shipwreck Beads to get some supplies.  Our niece is having us make earrings for her 7 bridesmaids (Seven, really?) and we need to make up a bunch of “samples” for her to pick from.

I’m writing an novel entirely on the iPad, just because.  So far it’s working great. I’m using an app called IA Writer, very simplistic, bare-bones program. Just takes down what I type in and stays out of the way.  Sure, sometimes I miss the spell check, who wouldn’t?  But it’s good for me. Makes me work harder, think more.  I’m backing it up to the cloud, and emailing it to myself as well, just to be careful, since iPads don’t technically have all that much of a “hard drive” to speak of.  This novel started out as a weird dream, something I wasn’t even sure I could figure out, but then suddenly it all made sense. I pulled out the tiny little iPad keyboard and my fingers started flyin’, and that writerly feeling took hold deep inside my gut – the science fiction gene exploded – and the rest will be history by early this Summer 😀

Isn’t it exciting?

If you were my Friend, you’d be excited.

Hey, can I borrow a couple of bucks . . . ?

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