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I’ve often lamented my lack of artistic skills when it comes to the visual.  While I have great “ideas”, I lack the physical talent to pull them off.  Never before […]

the definition of irony:

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been scoffing at all the news reports claiming “The price of gas is nearing $4.00 a gallon!”  mostly because I’d already been paying well […]

a remapping we will go

So it’s been quiet here for a few days mostly because 1) I’ve been busy, and 2) I’ve been REALLY REALLY BUSY! Computers are such a love/hate issue. Last week, […]

the romans are coming!

I mean, they’re already here. And I’m going to see them. Tomorrow, as a birthday treat, my sister is taking me to the Seattle Art Museum to see the Roman […]

mr. innappropriate

I love baseball.  Seattle Mariners baseball, to be specific. Sure, they haven’t exactly made it to the world series or anything, but heck, it’s baseball. I love football, too, but […]

post-nap, day 4

So far, so good. Since Monday, I’ve made it home after work and managed to avoid lying down on the couch for a pre-dinner snooze ! I’m enjoying it, but […]

the end of an era

Arthur C. Clarke has passed. MSNBC I find this quote quite telling of the great man: “Sometimes I am asked how I would like to be remembered,” Clarke said recently. […]

the end – not

So I had it in my head this was going to be the last chapter today. I haven’t been paying close attention, but I knew in the old heady days […]

tgi. . . t?

I know it’s Thursday, but I’m not here today – so I’m not around to comment on blogs or post anything interesting, so I thought I’d schedule this to pop […]

don’t try this at home

And now it’s Friday. If you only read this blog for the Friday posts, you’ve missed a chapter. One note about Chapter 18 – remember again this was a million […]

’cause Tori asked

so nice 😀 Well, and I’m bored, sitting here waiting for the repair man “between 8am and noon” to fix my hot water tank.  Gah, since Sunday morning it’s been […]