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we’ll make great pets

I’ve been pondering again. It’s what we writers do, ya know. I think it was Yoda who said “Always in motion, is the future. Difficult to see.”  or something. Anyway, […]

it’s friday

I’ve been a little distracted, working on Ether and the Stoneage Keyboard project, which I’d like to add is coming along nicely. In fact, I hope to have a real […]

back to the rock pile

I’m sure you’re all just fascinated by this, but there are other blogs to read if you’re bored! I’ve come to the conclusion that my first test run doth sucketh. […]

molten lava lip gloss

<>Updates on the Stoneage keyboard – with photos to follow tomorrow. Today I finished cutting the keys. It was so simple, using the cutoff wheels and the Dremel.  Thing is, […]

almost forgot it was friday

Honestly, it nearly skipped my mind. I’ve been so wrapped up in the Stoneage Keyboard – which I’ll be working diligently on this weekend and posting photos of my progress. […]

yabba dabba doh!

Not long ago I came across this funky computer keyboard that someone had made and labeled his Steampunk Keyboard, and I thought that was the coolest thing ! I wanted […]


3-day weekend!  Yay 🙂  Okay, here are the promised two chapters, since I’m in a good mood, it’s Friday, and it’s also a 3-day weekend and who doesn’t love those?  […]