Something new

Okay, so I’m trying something new here – we just finished our summer Art Festival, and I have a week off to relax, ride shotgun on the new kittens (did I mention the new kittens?)  and work on creating a new web store for our products.

So, being an Indie artist who is unwilling to pay fees or give commission to anyone, I refused to sign up with Etsy, and Artfire went from Free to Pay.  Which lead me to Storenvy.  I don’t know how it’ll work out, but I’ve signed up (for free) and uploaded a small collection of product.

I’d appreciate feedback, on the store, the images, the navigation, etc.  If I’ve done this correctly, you can find it here:

There aren’t many products there yet, because I’ve just gotten it up and running today.  And I seriously need to work on my photography skills ! (made even more challenging by the assistance of three new kittens)


2 thoughts on “Something new

  1. Pendants look fine. Earrings are a tad blurry and not centered well. Maybe you might want to try placing them side by each–maybe a quarter inch apart or so. They’re too far away in those pics. And let the cats take the pics. They might come out clearer. 😀 Outside of that, the site looks good. Nice and clean.

    Do you do dog tags? 😀

    1. I have to agree… The earrings need to be rephotographed. I’ll see if the kittens can do a better job tomorrow!

      If I could do dog tags, I would 😀

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