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Good Girl!

Lori posted over at the Commune about some escaped parrots in her town, and chatting with her about it reminded me of a funny thing that happened to a co-worker […]

got shirts?

I couldn’t resist – I’ve opened up a Cafe Press store with custom shirts (so far) and more to come.  So check it out: Just when you thought it […]


I’m pretty pleased with the new look to Midnight Reading’s front page. You can find links to the novels there, and follow me on Twitter.  Pete Tzinski’s Twitter is displayed […]

Grab your flea collars!

It’s Westminster Time ! I’ll be glued to the TV Monday and Tuesday, watching the best of the best compete for #1.  Anyone want to wager which breed wins? I’ll […]


Chapter 10 of Ether was posted on Friday, and I’m making great progress in bringing out the sequels in the Keeper series.  The first sequel, Madness, will definitely be available […]


It’s finally, officially, a Happy New Year 😀 My sister is again gainfully employed, the snow has gone away to other states where snow is something they’re used to seeing, […]

what the heck?!?

You say? Where’s Ether, you ask? Well I decided the blog format wasn’t the right venue for posting a novel, so Ether is now located on the Midnight Reading website. […]


Here you’ll find little tidbits of “dvd extras”. Added content in a sort of writer’s commentary, of the chapter already posted. You’ll find no “spoilers” here, and you may wish […]

Welcome to Ether

Welcome, to my latest novel Ether. If you look above, you’ll find a tab labeled Ether (technically it says ether, this format doesn’t allow for proper caps!)  There you’ll find […]

pardon my dust

I’ll be making changes to the blog this week – the design and layout – so if you’re popping in and see strange things going on, and changing around, be […]

guess what

No, seriously, Guess. Come on … at least TRY to guess. I’ll give you a clue: You GUESSED !  Good for you!  That’s right, Pete Tzinski is writing again. […]

The Who

No, not the band – although I’ve always been a huge fan, myself.  I mean the questions you ask as a writer, of yourself, of your characters, of your novel.  […]

the blank page

It’s a writer’s nemisis, the blank page. Be it a solid sheet of white hanging out of a typewriter’s innards, or 19″ of pure blank screen staring back, with a […]