Hey Hey it’s the Monkees

Davy Jones died today at the all-too young age of 66, from a massive heart attack, apparently.

I am made sad by this 😦 Davy Jones, indeed The Monkees, were a big part of my early childhood years. I think it’s safe to say Davy Jones was possibly my earliest little-girl crush. I’m not going to wax pathetic about how much better things were back then – back when the Television had only 3 channels, and you changed them by getting up, walking to the TV and turning a dial. Back when the Pink Panther was the best Saturday morning cartoon. Back when the Electric Company was our Sesame Street.

Back in the day . . . bla, bla bla.

I now, happily, have Daydream Believer stuck in my head, and I’m not doing anything to try and get it out. I’m in a Spring Cleaning mood, as the odd last-ditch-effort of Winter drops snow around off and on this week. Cleaning out the house and garage will have to wait for a weekend when I have nothing else going on, but cleaning out the other clutter has alread started.

I’ve removed Twitter from my iPad — annoying little thing, Twitter. They should have called it Clutter, or Cluster-F, for all the good it does. Yeah, social media, whatever – I couldn’t be paid to care less. You wouldn’t believe how freeing it is. To use the Internet as nothing more than the giant research tool and shopping cart that it was meant to be. Unless you’re into porn, which I’m not.

Whatever. I’m not going to be one of those weirdos who wastes an entire blog post talking about how only stupid people with no lives blog.

Got the rings last weekend. Did I mention, my sister and I were given our Mother’s diamonds, to split between us? We had to take a month to save up after we found out how much it would cost to have two identical rings made in white gold, seven diamonds each – then had to wait 3 weeks for them to get done. As it happens, we picked them up February 25th.

Mom’s birthday.

I’m proud to say I didn’t burst into tears right there in the jewelry store when we got them. I was getting teary, and had to choke them back, but I did it. Cindy managed, too. We had to spend that entire day out, keeping busy, keeping our minds off of it. Kim, our oldest sister, had come over earlier to show us her new car, and go out for coffee. We were all three trying to be too busy to think, and it worked pretty well.

I do pretty good most days, but now and then it’ll just sneak right up on me, overwhelmingly so. It’s weird, in a way, but I understand it’s normal. One of my coworkers just lost his beloved Grandmother, so I’m seeing him start to go through a lot of what I’ve been experiencing these past two months. In a sad way, it’s helpful to have someone at work who understands and can discuss this stuff with you.

I’m writing again ! Slowly, right now, which is frustrating, but it’s forward progress. I bought the little Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad and I’ve been using a combination of that, and hand writing, to get Apocalypse Jones going again. I’m anxious to get it done because I wanna debut a new web page design for Midnight Reading when I do – – this one will have to be another Freebie, though, since it’s taken me so long to get it written, and I can’t say how long it’ll come out in the end. But who doesn’t like a free book, eh?

I’ve been enjoying my Nook – it’s a blast on Friday’s, since my sister and I carpool on Friday and I have an hour and a half to kill after work, I take my Nook to Barnes & Noble and wander the shelves looking for new reads. You can read any book for free while inside the store, one hour each book each day. Great way to sample things before you buy. I’ve mentioned my Nook before, right? How I bought one for Cindy for her birthday, and she loved hers so much, she bought one for me a few weeks later? Kim and my niece Amy are jealous of our second-generation Nooks because they’re smaller and cooler than their first-gens.

Oh, my niece is engaged! She’s the third-born of the group, and first to get married. August 4th will be the happy day, and it’s really nice to have something fun to look forward to right now. Her wedding will be two weeks prior to our annual summer Art show, so August is gonna be full-on busy this year!

And would you look at the time? It’s lunch ! And I’ve been blathering (especially for someone who was just talking about shunning clutter) Mmmm, leftover spaghetti ….

2 thoughts on “Hey Hey it’s the Monkees

  1. Yes, the news of Davy Jones’ passing was a blow. He was my first, um, man-crush. Only I was a boy of 8. And it wasn’t a crush, it was a “I want to be like him when I grow up because he’s so damned cool!” kind of things.

    As an insensitive aside, someone said that he was a vegetarian and ran 5 miles a day. So he took good care of himself and still died of a heart attack at 66. So where’s the justice in that? Makes me less willing to give up my sedentary-burger lifestyle if it isn’t going to save me.

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