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Self Publishing

money for nothin’

I came across a website last week that had yet another un-known, un-proven writer with pie-in-the-sky ideas of making his or her fortune with a subscription-based online novel. This happens […]

hog the covers

So you’ve written your novel, and picked POD as your method of publication. You’ve got your book all nicely edited and formatted in whatever size/shape you’ve picked – be it […]


If you’re doing it yourself, going alone, self publishing, being an independent – whatever you prefer to call it – there’s something you need to be doubly aware of. Something […]

not dead!

I haven’t stopped my Indie publishing series – I’m just swealtering in a nasty, evil heatwave-from-hell.  I’ll resume posting next week, when the temps come down from the triple digits. […]

two thumbs up?

So now that you have that novel written, edited, polished and printed – you’ve gone out and found yourself an ISBN, maybe a bar code too – and while you […]

commercial break

One of the biggest hurdles facing anyone self publishing or trying to make it in the Independent world is reaching the public. Letting readers, potential readers, buyers, and creepy stalkers […]