holy carp, that’s huge!

So I’ve just created my first hardcover book, my older title When The Stars Walk Backwards, and I have to say I’m stunned at the size.  I don’t expect any sales, honestly, I just did this for myself and decided there was no reason not to make it available to anyone who might want it – but honestly it’s so huge the price is outrageous.  I had to lessen the font size just so Lulu could make a hard copy. They draw the limit at 800 pages, and this whopping tome came out at 867 pages !

After some fussing and shrinking, I finally managed somewhere around 738 pages, in hardback, with a dust cover.  Hopefully it turned out as nice as it seems, but rest assured – you could kill an intruder with this thing.  Unfortunately that also means it’s not cheap. By eliminating any profit on my part, I was able to keep it under $30.00, but seriously, that’s ridiculous.

The one thing I am proud to show off is the cover – I’ve found making covers to be incredible fun!  So, if you’re curious and want to see how pretty When The Stars Walk Backwards is, it’s now available at my Midnight Reading Lulu store.  If the sticker price makes you dizzy – well – you’re not alone!  But honestly, I really did this just for my own sake.  A bit of nostaligia, for a novel that represents a beginning, an indulgence, and just plain fun.

3 thoughts on “holy carp, that’s huge!

  1. Imagine how much more it would cost if I added a profit margin! This is where some books are just too ridiculous, the author wants to make five or six bucks a pop, which is ridiculous in and of itself, but that alone would shoot the price of a hard cover this size just under $40 bucks!

    Of course, on a scale of average to not – this book IS massive. I don’t recommend dropping it on your foot 🙂

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