in time for the holidays

I’d been thinking, for some time now about doing this – and having toyed around a bit with some cover art and designs, I’ve finally decided that I’m going to release an older novel of mine in hardback just in time for the holidays.

Now, this isn’t anything new – in fact, it’s been around the block a few times, even on this very blog. It’s an older novel called When The Stars Walk Backwards, and was featured right here, a chapter at a time, a little over a year go (give or take). In the past, I’ve gone as far as to make apologies for this novel, having written it so long ago, and having grown stronger as a writer since then. But honestly, I’ll never feel the need to apologize for the story I told, or the characters I created.

It’s not War and Peace, but it’s not heaving bosoms of lusty vampire angst, either.

It won’t be available on the Midnight Reading website, and it won’t be made available it eBook form (at least not right away). I don’t want anyone confusing this novel for something I’ve just written, and I don’t expect – honestly – many sales at all. Mainly I’m doing this for my own benefit, and making it available for those who have taken the trouble of asking me in the past.

So, for those of you who always had a soft spot in your hearts for When The Stars Walk Backward, you’ll be happy to know the hard cover will be available via Lulu shortly (I’m just working out some kinks and details in the design and back flap). For those of you who prefer not to sample my writing from 11 years ago, just keep enjoying In The Time Of Dying until something new comes out in 2010.

And in honor of Veteran’s Day here in America – everyone thank a service man or woman today. And if you’re a veteran, or currently serving in any branch of our fine Armed Services – I just want to say,

Thank You!

Power to the People!

Make Love, Not War!

Give a Veteran some Tongue Today!

One thought on “in time for the holidays

  1. YES….

    I have my copies on my computer from your old site. I really want it in e-book but I will take the hardcover any ole day….

    Waiting very calmly…

    Jamie Metz in
    Las Vegas

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