Diary of Madness Day 4

Still no phone call. Mostly we’ve written them off, but we want to believe there’s still hope. I’m on vacation now through Thanksgiving, so we’re determined to enjoy ourselves, even though she has a doctor’s visit on Monday with her oncologist that I’ll have to pay for – don’t wanna even think about how much that’ll cost.

I realized the other day, because of the way things have gone down lately, this will be our third Christmas with her unemployed. Still, as depressing as that is, at least it’s not like last Christmas, when she was still having Chemo for the Breast Cancer.  Whenever I get really down, I try to recall where we were one year ago. That year, we spent the day before Thanksgiving in the ER, then Christmas Eve sitting in the Chemo room.

So I guess on the grand scale of grand scales, things could be worse, eh?

Damn that jackass and the trail of slime behind him.

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