YAY, Baby!  She got the job!


Starts on Monday.


She’s got a job . . . One week after her emergency extension unemployment benefits ended.  7 days after the State of Washington flipped us the finger.  (did you know they can claim the unemployment stats are improving simply because so many people run out of benefits without getting work. If you’re not collecting money, they count you as “no longer unemployed” and get to claim the unemployment rate is improving).  Hell, if they wait long enough, the unemployment rate will be listed as Zero!

But enough of that – – My sister got the job!

Not only does she start work on Monday, but on Monday, I get a return to “Me” time. I get off at 3:30, home by 4:00. She’ll get off at 5:00, home by 5:30.  That means I get me some “Me” time again, to exercise, surf the interwebbies, nap on the couch, use my Playstation, pick lint from between my toes, whatever I want.

Happy Days are Here Again!

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