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He said, She said.

Dialog tags (or dialogue tags if you prefer, I don’t) are considered invisible – that is, if they’re not overused or abused or made to appear ridiculous. And by that I mean, […]

Friday Project Chapter 2

I’ve decided not to trunicate the chapter this time – it’s when you click to Read More that you get the squished margins, thanks to this template, and I love […]

O Catscratch tree!

O Catscratch Tree O Catscratch Tree How shredded are thy branches! O Catscratch Tree O Catscratch Tree How shredded are thy branches! You’re dragged around my house all day Pine […]

Oh the weather outside is

DISGUSTING!   It’s not raining cats and dogs. It’s raining ELEPHANTS AND BLUE WHALES!!! Today we’re trying hard to break the records for inches, feet, maybe even yards. As I sit […]

Friday Chapter #1

My Friday Thing. Chapter 1, disclaimer: Okay, just so we’re clear, this story is being posted a chapter at a time every Friday – this novel is being put here […]

Castle Debacle is here!

By the prickling of my thumbs, Castle Debacle hast this way come! Err, well – it’s here. And my Friday Thing is coming. It’s coming! Get off my back!!  *ahem* […]

My Big Friday “Thing”

Not to be confused with “the Friday thing”. Here’s where I make excuses for what’s going to happen every Friday on this bloggie here, so all my peeps won’t judge […]


Have I mentioned how I can obsess? I can obsess. Over the stupidest things, like how this blog looks.  One template is wider, but has no banner. Another has space […]

It occurs to me

That I haven’t really written a regular type post in this new blog. Other than the quickie about George, my new pen. All these little ditties I’ve been *ahem* singing […]

The Day After

I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving – even you, Cath, you crazy foriegner you! 😀  It was a day to look back at our lives and give thanks […]