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guess what

No, seriously, Guess.

Come on … at least TRY to guess.

I’ll give you a clue:

You GUESSED !  Good for you!  That’s right, Pete Tzinski is writing again. And, I might add, I take full credit for this revelation.  For ’twas I who cajolled him into returning to the Happy Place that is writing a serial and posting it on the interwebbies for the fans.

Yes, I cannot lie. I take full and complete credit.

Of course, I can’t take any credit for the writing – or the story that is God in the Machine – or the talent behind it. Nope, that’s all Pete.  And it’s F-ing fantastic writing, might I add.

So go there, bookmark it, and become a regular so you don’t miss out !

You can thank me later 😀

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