all ego, very little id.

So today the mailman brought me my advance copy of Keeper, in paperback, printed by Lulu and offered up by Trunk Novels.   And all I can say – since this is the first time I’ve seen a paperback printed by Lulu before – is WOW.

Seriously, my Ego is having a field day with this.  The printing is absolutely perfect, the cover is glossy and amazing. I picked a custom cover art instead of the stock art supplied by Lulu and I think it makes all the difference in the world.  In fact, with all of the Trunk Novel offerings, you’ll find custom cover art.

The binding is flawless, the print perfection.  In short, the quality of Lulu’s print runs are on an exact even par with any book you’ll find on the shelves of Barnes & Noble.  My Ego loves seeing this beloved older piece finally bound in print.  And as a Trade Paperback, it’s slightly larger than a regular paperback. More the size of a hardback, really, at 6″ x 9″.

At Trunk Novels, you’ll find plenty of high quality, well written novels, novellas, and short collections in the coming year.  All available to read Free online, or downloadable in pdf for Free – but I would encourage you, when you find a story you really enjoy, go ahead and purchase a hard copy through the Trunk Novels storefront at Lulu. That way you can share the stories with friends, pass them around your reading circle, trade them with fellow commuters, or just keep them around for easy reading.

Me, I’m still holding mine.  It’s so purdy 😀

And now I can take it to the beach, without lugging along a laptop or giant 3-ring binder of printed pages.

In fact, I’m so thrilled with how Keeper turned out, I’m very tempted to give the recently rewritten sequels the same treatment.

5 thoughts on “all ego, very little id.

  1. Way cool, Kristine. I must say that Lulu seems to do a good job. My copie of Atlanta Nights is nice and has held up to moderate abuse quite well.

    I’ll have to see about ordering some books from Trunk Novels. Mmmm, reading material.

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