a remapping we will go

So it’s been quiet here for a few days mostly because 1) I’ve been busy, and 2) I’ve been REALLY REALLY BUSY!

Computers are such a love/hate issue. Last week, the people in charge of our networking system at work decided to switch things up a bit – justifying their paychecks maybe, I dunno. What it all means, in the end, is that when they’re done, I get to spend the next week or two remapping all of my shortcuts and macros.

All those little command lines that tell your computer what program to open or what drive to look in whenever you click a nice little icon. They all have to be changed to reflect all the new drive letter changes they decided would be NEAT-O COOL!

If it were just a matter of changing the path of all my desktop icons, I’d only be marginally put out. But for me, this means I have to go through hundreds of files in Access and redirect hundreds of individually inserted links.

And I can only do that if and when they’re successful in this transition – which so far hasn’t gone smoothly at all.

I can haz aspirin now?

2 thoughts on “a remapping we will go

  1. Sure it does, Lori! Who would not like to spend hours changing all the M’s to H, and so on? Why not?

    Um, yeah, good luck with that one. I just hope you don’t change them all and three months down the line they realize they screwed up and you have to change them all back.

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