I’ve often lamented my lack of artistic skills when it comes to the visual.  While I have great “ideas”, I lack the physical talent to pull them off. 

Never before has this been more annoying than now – when I’ve become the cover artist for Trunk Novels. So far, I’ve managed to pull off some pretty good ones (if I do say so myself). One I’m particularly impressed with is for a novel: Word Wars, that will be coming out probably January.

It’s relatively easy to do when all I need is space and some planets – ie: Keeper.  But not all of the novels we’re publishing are SF, or set in deep space, so I’m forced to be more creative.  Even now, with Madness coming out in December, I’m trying to be more creative and avoid the simple “space with stars and a planet” mode and get more interesting – and failing !

What’s really irritating me right now is my inability to do enough with fonts in the meager graphics programs I have now. And when I go out there into the big unknown to research better ways to make graphics, I’m coming up empty. Faced with having to shell out wads for a new graphics program then hoping I can figure it out well enough to do what I want . . . so far I’ve tried some demos and failed grandly.


My Kingdom for some artistic talent!

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