The Annoying bit

I’ve been trying to come up with the back cover blurb/teaser/copy for the new novel coming out for evah! This one just wasn’t coming to me. Most of them are a bit of a struggle, trying to boil down the novel into a few paragraphs of teaser designed to make the reader want to read the book and not just put it down and pick up something else.

It should be easier than it is. Sometimes they flow right outta my fingers and get done the same day I’ve created the cover, others just sit there and glare back at me, laughing.

And honestly, as Pete pointed out to me today while I was whining about it, I don’t have to have a back cover blurb. After all, I’m Indy, we make our own rules about things like that. But really you need something. Even for an ebook, there has to be a description, a snippet that will catch a reader’s eye and tell him or her what the novel is about, so he or she can make the buying decision.

What killed me about this one was, the novel itself was such a blast to write, and went by so fast, then I was getting hung up on the finishing details. I’m still editing, because I’m doing that by hand and since I’m writing the next novel by hand, things have slowed down a touch.

But I have a launch date of July 1st set in my brain, so that’s what will happen, come hell or high water !

I have a cover, and now I have the blurb for the backside.

And it’s Friday. I adore Friday. Gonna go to a wine tasting down town after work, then get the groceries taken care of, and relax ! Looking forward to some fun this weekend, and maybe even a nap.

Meanwhile, after days of fussing, cussing, and pointedly ignoring, here’s a sneak preview of what’s coming July 1st:

Legend has it the Darkness gem holds all the evil of a long-dead alien race, and that whoever possesses the stone will discover the secrets hidden within. Jayden Pearce, famed fortune hunter and galactic adventurer, braved the Dark Forest and ancient temples that kept the stone hidden for centuries. Never one to buy in to curses or dark energy, he sold the gem for a tidy sum to private collector and all-around bad guy Giles Markem, who gave it to his fiancé as a wedding gift.

But legend forgot about Light, the sister stone to Darkness and the map that holds the key to untold rewards.

Jayden Pearce forgot about it, too, until his old partner returns with an offer he can’t refuse.

The Legend of Darkness and Light, coming July 1st.

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