The Best Laid Plans

I had them, for this past weekend.

The plan was to sleep in, then go to the flooring store where we purchased our wood flooring for the living room/dining room two years ago, and talk to them about having the bedrooms and kitchen done to match.

We love our wood floors! It’s the best thing we’ve done to our house in the sixteen years of owning it, and can’t believe we waited this long. Now it’s time to get rid of the last of the carpet in the bedrooms, and that kitchen floor has needed replacing since we bought the house, we just couldn’t decide what we wanted until now.

After that, we were going to run errands, get some things done and then relax and enjoy the weekend.

That was the plan, anyway.

Friday morning, sometime around 1:00 a.m., that all went out the window. Or rather, done the toidy, as my sister and I each came down with the flu. Two women, one bathroom, each taking turns driving the porcelain bus.

And it was nasty! I hate throwing up, seriously hate it. I went twenty five years once without doing it, mostly because as a child I’d thrown up – as we all do – and I decided that just wasn’t for me. And I refused afterward to ever to that again.

Well it worked for twenty five years, anyway. I ended up breaking that streak a while back, and then again, and this would be the third time in my adult life that I’ve “done that”.


So Saturday was a complete wash. I had it all – the fever, the aching joints, the complete inability to eat anything at all. The fever finally broke right around nine that night, so I was able to sleep. Then Sunday we were just white-washed. Utterly pail, without any desire to eat whatsoever, yet we had to go grocery shopping because we’d missed doing that Friday night and had literally nothing in the house to sustain us should the desire to eat ever return.

They would have thrown us out on the streets if we hadn’t changed their litter pans. You know how they can get.

Sunday we each managed to eat a small bowl of cereal. Today, so far, I’ve had a half a cup of coffee. I’m thinking this part of it, I could get to like. No food for two days so far, inching into three. I could get on board with this.

I have a feeling, though, sooner or later I’m going to end up eating again, and that’ll be that. But I’d really appreciate going another twenty five years before ever throwing up again!

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