Book 3 of the Keeper series

is now up.  Read it for free online, or buy a hard copy or ebook version.

Tools of Extinction now available.


3 thoughts on “Book 3 of the Keeper series

  1. Woohoo! Been waiting for this one for a while. 😛 Now you gotta publish the next one too! 🙂

    I haven’t bought any of these yet, as last time I was about to, you said they were going to be undergoing some significant changes — are they pretty much where they will be now?


  2. No, perhaps there was a misunderstanding – they HAVE gone through significant changes, and are now complete. I’ve never offered them for sale in their previous form, and only starting putting them out after having done all the rewrites and changes.

    So they are as they will always be 🙂 And the fourth and final one will come out in, what did I say . . . September, I think? I wrote it down . . .

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