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It’s too hot to really think clearly (current temps: 101*F) so I’ll elaborate next week, but it would appear Lulu has made a few changes since I started using them this year.

Right now, if you wanted an ISBN for your book, and didn’t care if you own it or Lulu owns it – they’re free.  You can create your title at Lulu, pick “Published by Lulu” as an option, and they’ll assign an ISBN number AND bar code, then make your title available via Ingrams to any bookstore and all online shops such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

This isn’t bookstore shelf space, mind, but it does provide your readers more options when it comes to a company where they don’t mind using a credit card online to buy your book.

If you’d rather go it completely solo, you can purchase a single ISBN via Lulu and be registered as the Publisher of Record.  Lulu will produce your book and list it via Ingrams, yada yada, but YOU will be the Publisher, not Lulu.  These are $99.95 each, sold one at a time, and you still have to figure out the bar code – purchase one or make it yourself.

More on this subject later, when the ice age returns and my brain works again.  Also coming up, I’d like to discuss Respecting yourself and your readers – Cover art for the do-it-yourselfer – approaching an Indie bookstore owner – and more.

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  1. Why, yes, the thermometer does go that high. It used to do it frequently, but not that often any more. At least not here. 😉

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