You have to try these Teas

My sister and I went tea shopping the other day, to stock up on some staples. I was almost out of Lapsang Souchong and Darjeeling, she wanted more Lemon Lavender Mint.

Then she spotted a couple of new ones that I hadn’t given a second look.  Normally, I go for the earthy teas – teas that smell like the stuff you clean out of a horse’s hoof and drop in a smoldering camp fire for a few hours.  Pur-eh, Lapsang, Russian Caravan, Golden Monkey, Darjeeling.  My sister likes some of those, but she really enjoys more fruity teas – Roobios, Lemon Lavender Mint, Rose Petal.  So when she spotted two teas called Strawberry Hibiscus and Raspberry Rose Hibiscus, I shrugged.  She bought them and I figured that meant more Russian Caravan for me.

Well that night, after boiling up some water, I decided what the heck, I’ll try her new teas. They smelled very nice, and I wanted something sweet for the evening, so we tried out Strawberry Hibiscus Tea.

I was blown away.

After stunningly enjoying that one, we tried the Raspberry Rose Hibiscus, and again, I was utterly blown off my socks.

To me, these flavors shouldn’t even be called Tea (but that’s just me being a Tea-Snob).  Seriously, I’m hooked on them.  I’ve never tasted Strawberry or Raspberry so vividly in a tea before in my life.

Run to the store right now and get them.

One thought on “You have to try these Teas

  1. You know, I tried a strawberry rose hibiscus once. It didn’t taste like beer so I figured there was no point in drinking any more of it. But enough about me. The important thing is that you are happy. Although how you can be happy with tea instead of beer is beyond me.

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