The Big Game

It’s that time again – Time for the Big Game !  The Game to end all Games !

That’s right, I’m talking Puppy Bowl VII.

The perfect paws between the Eukanuba Nationals and the upcoming Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show this Valentine’s day, Feb 14th & 15th.

And don’t imagine you can go to the kitchen after the second quarter, or you’ll miss the Kitten Halftime Show.

I dunno about you, but since the Seattle Seahawks aren’t in the other big game on Sunday, you’ll find me watching Puppy Bowl VII.

One thought on “The Big Game

  1. There is no feasible Super Bowl combination that could make me NOT watch the Puppy Bowl. 😀

    I forgot about it! Thank god you mentioned it. Now I can remember to tune in. Even the kids get bored of it before I do, but I don’t care a bit. 😀

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