I’m ready for Spring, dammit

Happens every year, ‘round this time. Usually in February, so maybe I’m a little early this time.

The holidays are over, we only have one more coming up, in February, President’s Day, which is no big thrill but it’s a three-day weekend. So there’s nothing really to look forward to now except for Spring, and sadly, that’s a ways off still.

So it’s pointless. It’ll be another few months in coming, but still I’ll spend the time wandering around saying “I’m ready for Spring, dammit.”  Which won’t bring it along any quicker.  It’ll drive everyone around me nuts, though. I guess there’s that to look forward to.

We had snow, a whole whopping 4 inches, 10 in some places. It lasted an entire 12 hours!

Seriously. It was awesome.  Didn’t start falling from the sky until after dark, then when I got up to go to work, there were 4” on the ground, 6” in some spots, and it was raining.  The Beetle never would have made it off the hill, so I drove the Beast, and damn that was fun, I gotta say.  It was my first time driving a 4-wheel drive SUV through piles of snow, and I was grinnin’ like an idiot the entire way to work.

I tell ya, that SUV paid for itself in that one morning commute.  I’ll never stress out about snow driving again. No more sitting up nights, worried that I can’t get the car out of the alley. I won’t nearly wet myself slipping and sliding that Beetle down the snow route to the bay, being driven by other people’s tracks and turning the car into a snow plow whenever more than 3 inches fell.  You wouldn’t believe how low-riding those Beetles are.  You don’t notice it until snow falls, and you’re pushing through it instead of driving over it like everyone else.

Anyway, that was fun, for those 12 hours.  By the time I got off work that day, it was all gone. Turned to rain that became floods and mudslides everywhere, but that never affects my neighborhood. I live on the top of a hill, overlooking the bay, not one of those steep banks that slide INTO the bay.

So now that’s all we have to look forward to till July 5th. Rain, the occasional sun break, and more rain.  Which I love, don’t get me wrong. I was born here, and I love the rain and grey skies that match the grey water.  It’s all worthwhile when those sun breaks come along, trust me.

The only bit I get bored with is the ugly. Stuff that changes colors in the fall is now brown and soggy. There’s mud everywhere. Everything’s soggy.  It makes you yearn for Spring flowers, and the anticipation of a new season.

I love the seasons, and thankfully we get all four here. The transitions are the best, when Spring is just coming, or Summer is just getting started, and when Autumn becomes Fall, then Winter is creeping up.

You watch, though. Summer will get here when it gets here, and halfway into it, I’ll be whining about the heat, and begging for Fall.

But right now, I’m ready for Spring, dammit.

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