One thing leads to another

So the other weekend, after the one interrupted by the flu, my sister and I headed over to our favorite flooring store to see if they had the same wood we put down in the living room and dining room, with the intent to put the same in the bedrooms and kitchen.

Luckily, we were told they do have it, most likely, but the salesman sent us home with two other samples just in case – – which turned out to be nearly identical to what we have anyway. Once we decided we could substitute one of those if the original can’t be ordered, I offered up to my sister the idea that we could use a different wood for the kitchen, if she wanted a change . . .

That’s when I was informed that we were now painting the kitchen.

It’s going to go from the soft yellow with blue accents, to solid blue in more of a grayer tone.

Okay, I figured, that’ll be nice. I’m onboard with that. Only, won’t that make the cabinets look a tad “off”?

Oh, she says, didn’t I mention? We’re painting them, too. Solid blue, in a shade darker than the walls, with new brushed silver hardware.

Well, alrighty then! I guess I’m painting this weekend. The trick to that is, I love to paint. I really do, naked or not (see posts from years prior). I’m really looking forward to this. We bought the paint last night, at Lowes, and tonight after work we’re going to do all the prep work, the taping and covering and all that. Then Saturday, after a hearty breakfast of soy lattes and cereal, it’s paintin’ time!

We’ll have to break before the late afternoon, in order to return to the flooring store and pick out what we’re going to have put down in the kitchen, since I was also informed we’ll not be putting wood in there. She wants tile, or something called Earthscape, we don’t know which yet.

What do I care – I’m paying a dude to put it down! I love to paint, but I don’t do floors, especially a 210 square foot kitchen floor. (for you metric fans, that =’s Farkin’ Big)

So that’s my weekend, sanding, priming and painting. I’m off all next week, so I can relax and write and relax.

Pass me a roller, I’m ready to go!

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