I’ve always considered the kitchen to be my sister’s room, not because she does most of the cooking, although she does, but mostly because I’ve never really cared what the kitchen looks like, and she has.

For years, and years, our kitchen was a nice soft pale yellow with blue accents, very Scandinavian. Cobalt blue glass, a lovely deep rich cobalt blue sink, pale blue countertops. We’d taken the doors off the cupboards a long while ago and stripped then stained them a nice sort of cherry wood color, and painted the cabinets themselves a clean white.

But now that we’re getting a new floor in there, she decides we need to change the entire look. And I was on board. After all, I do love painting, and physical labor is da bomb! Especially in the home improvement arena. So two weeks ago we painted the walls (and ceiling – yes, I’m one of those) a nice shade of blue that leans toward the grays. Almost a denim blue, I suppose, but light denim. And we picked a shade darker of the same for the cabinets and doors – finally we were going to have some cohesion in the room and blend everything nicely together.

So the plan was, this past weekend we’d have the doors off, all sanded and primed thanks to my having taken a vacation week last week. The drawers too, all set and ready for painting on Saturday.

The two of us. Outside because thankfully we were having nice weather for a change.

Then my sister goes and gets herself an appointment to have her IV port removed – this thing that was implanted in her chest to facilitate her chemo treatments. Now that she’s cancer-free, and officially a survivor, her oncologist said she could have that removed, so she goes and schedules it for Friday afternoon !

It was a simple day-surgery, although with set up and wake up, I was sitting there for a total of five hours, but that’s beside the point.

The point is, she was “too sore” to paint ! But the kitchen was already demolished, thanks to my stellar prep work, so guess who spent the entire weekend painting 17 cupboard doors, 14 drawers and all of the cabinetry, while her sister sat in the shade and “rested.” ?

I’m back to work this week to rest! Thankfully my job allows me to sit down for most of my day, because I’m sore and stiff and tired. But I have to admit, we have a really nice looking kitchen now. My next week off in July will be spent moving furniture in and out of rooms while the installers lay wood in the bedrooms and Earthscape in the kitchen.

I need a nap.

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