World crashing down around you?

The state of the economy got you down?

Have your stocks plummeted?  Is your savings worthless?  Were you fool enough to think you could charge your way through life, and now you can’t even figure out which bank holds all your loans?

The President wanted to own Wallstreet, but Congress said “No.”  Now what?  Is America doomed? Are we – as a nation – circling the drain?

Who cares!  Go here, watch this: Doctor Horrible’s Sing a-long blog.

You’ll be happier for having done so.  I swear.

  1 comment for “World crashing down around you?

  1. Pete Tzinski
    September 29, 2008 at 12:26 pm

    The Deltoids of compassion!

    The Thoroughbred of Evil! With his fierce Death Whinny!

    Want anything moistened?

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