here’s a thought

Why don’t they just kill John Conner?

Okay, I’m not a fan – I don’t watch the show – but last night I was too busy to do anything about it, and that Terminator show about Sarah Connor came on the TV, so while I was busy, I watched some of it. I hate it – let’s be clear about that going in. The original movie screwed up so badly with Time Travel and Alternate Dimensions, it had me screaming in frustration even back then. I had to ignore the sequels, just couldn’t stomach the Time Travel plot caverns.

Not plot holes, mind you. Plot Caverns!

Anyway, back to my point. There I was, watching this sad display of Science Fuktion, and I couldn’t help thinking – Why doesn’t it occur to these people that the way to solve their issues with the future isn’t to save John Conner, but to kill him? I mean, look at their future. John Conner was leading the resistance – but the resistance he was leading was completely fubar. His people were dying, living in tunnels underground, barely escaping the human-form Terminators. At the point in which one was sent back to prevent his birth, they weren’t exactly winning.

And since this franchise has already made a complete and utter mockery of Time, Logic and Just Plain Common Sense – who’s to say offing the doofus wouldn’t solve all their issues? Maybe that would leave room for someone else to rise up – someone smarter, better, and much more succesful? Clearly keeping John Conner alive is doing nothing more than causing the machines to rise, so that this little twat can lead them into fighting – and dying – underground in little tunnels and caves, warming their hands on all those set boxes that failed to go digital in 2009.

Hell – at this stage in their illogic, it sure couldn’t hurt to try !

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