words to live by

So today I get the new router/modem, which means tonight I go home and take two aspirin.

This is like when I need to build a new Access database at the start of a new year, and relearn all the calculations and commands that I only have to write once a year – but since I only have to write them once a year – I have to read up on how they’re done again, which takes a week, a bottle of Bacardi, and a short temper.

Sure, usually I just copy from last year, but there are always changes that have to be made. It’s not too bad, really, so long as I remain calm, take notes, and start early.

Tonight I’ll go home, get out a nice big notebook, and start writing down all the settings from everything, everywhere. I’ll write them all down, meticulously, before unplugging anything or deleting any profiles.

Then I get to plug in the new router/modem, install the software, remember that I forgot to bring home an Ethernet cable, try USB instead, have a drink and put it off till Thursday.

On Thursday evening, I’ll remember an Ethernet cable from work, then try again. Setting up all the high security that will make my virtual home my own little Fort Knoxx. Then forget to give my other laptop permission to enter, and do it all again. Then I have to call Wavecable and give them my new MAC address, so their signal can find my new router.

Then, since that won’t work as easily as it sounds, I’ll go watch baseball and forget it for the night.

Sometime Friday night, after a few drinks, I’ll try again. I suspect it won’t work, then it will work because I’ll have finally remembered that one SIMPLE thing that I’d been over looking – something like plugging it in, or turning something to the ON position.

If all goes well, I should be online at home again by May 14th, 2009 πŸ˜€

Or, yanno, this weekend.

10 thoughts on “words to live by

  1. Hopefully, since you’ve laid it all out ahead of time, it will go smoother than you think.

    I would still like to know what causes the dead spot in my living room. Anyone want to give that a go?

  2. You have a wireless dead spot? It could be the intersection of your cable/satellite TV and your Wireless internet and the Alien Encryption Signal.

    Those AES signals are never set off to the side, or in the bathroom, where you’d just as soon not surf. No, they’re always right in the middle of where you want to be.

  3. I surf in the bathroom, when Piper’s taking a bath sometimes. She gets to going happily in her own little world, so I piddle around and catch up on stuff.

    I wonder if it doesn’t have something to do with the satellite/surround sound set up. Or perhaps the wiring for our thermostat. The angle seems a little off though. I’d have to draw and scan a diagram of it to explain it.

    Most likely it’s the AES.

    How far did you get last night?

  4. I got as far as Nowheresville ! NOTHING worked, not even the bits that should have been easy-peasy that didn’t even require the ‘net. I think the AES is originating under my house or something – and I’m about “this” close to calling Wave and demanding they get out there, fix it, and I’ll just rent their wireless router. It’s the exact same model, I’ll just have to pay them $5.00/month – which suks – but if anything happens they have to come out and fix it on their dime.

    I’m monumentally frustrated right now.

  5. Pfft!!! Don’t question these things!

    Actually, I usually do because I want to know how it worked so I can do it again later.

    Glad to hear that has resolved.

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