i can haz breakdown now?

Well, not really, it’s hardly worth that – but doesn’t it kill you when one little issue in your daily life can so fully absorb you brain you become a worthless hulk of anxiety for days at a time?

What? It never happens to you? Liar!

Okay, maybe you’re telling the truth, but it happens to me. Right now – at a time when I should be on cloud nine because Ether is finished and all I have to do is edit and write a query, then send it out – at a time when I should be cruising along and having no other worries than picking which idea becomes the next novel – I can’t.

My internet connection at home isn’t working. I have cable internet, and use a Linksys wireless cable gateway that I own, because I like controlling privacy and didn’t want to rent the equipment from the cable company and have no control over it. And for the past 3+ years, it’s been working just fine. There was one time I had issues, but that turned out to be the cable coming to my house, and the fact that a squirrel had eaten through it.

So now, as of last week, I can access the ‘net for about 20 seconds, then nothing. Then about ten minutes later, I get another 30 seconds of email/surfing, then nothing. A service request to the cable company got me nowhere because they say there’s nothing wrong. So if I want them to come fix it, since I own the router/modem, I’ll have to pay for the tech call. They don’t bother saying how much, because obviously they don’t know.

Several people have given me advice, none of which has been effective either due to my lack of understanding or the equipment really is crapping out. Although I have green lights everywhere, my wireless light does flicker when I have a computer on. It’s like the signal is coming OUT to my laptops – who tell me they have a signal – but when they send information to the router, it’s hiccupping.

I dunno. I’ve been going around and around with this all weekend, and came to the conclusion – thanks to some needed advice this morning – that I should buy a new router/modem and replace mine, see if that works, and if not – call the cable people because clearly it’s not my equipment. I can then send back the router/modem.

But the thing that gets me – what really has me tied up in little stress knots, is this lack of control. I’m not an internet addict, but I do like access to my email at home. I have friends I communicate to via the email and it makes me nuts having no communication with them. If this were me choosing not to log on, taking a break from the web or something, that’d be one thing. But it’s not MY choice – and fixing the issue is basically out of my control – and THAT makes me crazy!

Imagine if your car was in the garage, and you simply didn’t feel like taking it for a ride. That’s fine. But now say you DO want to take it out, and you can’t make it start. You have no idea what’s going on, it should start, but it won’t. You call someone for help, and they tell you there’s nothing wrong with your car, so you have to fix it yourself. Only you have no idea how!

Do you buy a new car, or pay someone to come fix it and charge you God knows how much, only to tell you that you have to buy a new car after all?

I can has valium now, plz? Kthnxbai.

4 thoughts on “i can haz breakdown now?

  1. This has nothing to do with your current post. I wanted to send you an email but couldn’t find an address, which probably just means that I’m blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other.

    Anyway. I’m wondering if you are aware that over the last few months there have been several requests for your original stories over at two different Sentinel fiction finders sites that I browse. People have been looking for ‘When the Stars Walk Backwards’ and its sequel and are disappointed when they discover that they are no longer available on the net. Yeah, yeah, I know from reading your blog that you’re not thrilled with these stories but I happened to like them and judging by the number of people looking for them, I’m not the only one. And I am smugly pleased with myself that I saved all of your original stories to my computer when I read them.

    Would you object to my emailing the files to the people who are interested or would you prefer that I don’t? If you don’t want me to, then be assured that I will keep them to myself. Do you plan on reposting them to the internet in the future?

    Thank you.

  2. A techie thought: Try connecting your Laptop directly to the Linksys using the ethernet cable that most likely came in the box with the router. If you get working internet then **it’s not** the cable feed. Wireless is a rather hit and miss technology, there are many things that could cause the symptoms that you report so try the direct cable connection between the router and the laptop first.

  3. Yes, connecting directly via ethernet was the first thing I tried. Luckily I have a new router/modem coming to me tomorrow, so all should be right with the world by, most likely, the weekend since I’ll be putting it off a few days while I work on the new story ideas 🙂

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