when research pays

So, y’all remember not too long ago when I thought someone might have messed with my ID, tossled my credit report hither and yon, and I wound up doing weeks of research and investigation while waiting for my credit reports?

Turns out, I was fine.  But now, just last night, I learned someone HAS done this to my Mother.

She’s managed to report it to her bank, who put a stop on the use of her debit card – and she’s not responsible for the money this person has spent.  Now she’s calling the credit reporting agencies because, apparently, one thing this thief did was open up a charge account in Mom’s name.

Thankfully, there are ways to fix this.  Stopping it quickly was a help, they’d only managed to spend on the account for 3 days before they were found out. And knowing what to do next is helping.

So for once, I’m glad to have had a scare myself. It taught me what to do, and how to do it, if anything like this should happen.  I’ve been able to help my Mother take the proper steps, and hopefully keep her calm, until things can be fixed.

What a world, eh?

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