The Snowball Effect

You know how it happens – you’re looking around your house, or your yard, or maybe even just your room or office, and you notice something that needs changing. But as you ponder it, you realize if you change THAT, then this other thing won’t look right, so you’ll need to change it as well …

And it snowballs.

Back in January, when my sister and I bought that new flat screen TV for our Christmas present, we ended up with a new console, new DVR, new HD service etc … and ended up exposing a big swath of wall that hadn’t been painted way back when.

Well, after several attempts to identify the paint we’d used, and many failed tries with little sample colors of what we’d “thought” were the right one, we decided what we really need to do is repaint the entire living room. Now since we were really enjoying the color we had, but weren’t able to replicate it, we knew we had to pick a new color … we tried out a few by painting samples around the room, and settled on one we like a lot.

But then one evening as we’re mentally prepping for the task, we both realized what we really didn’t like anymore was the DINING room color. So it was off to Lowe’s again for more samples, then more painted areas on the walls, and we picked one we really like.

We haven’t been able to actually PAINT yet – we’ve been busy – but while we were waiting … okay, the bathroom is seriously small, so repainting that won’t be such a big deal. We’ve settled on a color finally.

BUT … If we’re painting the bathroom, it would be the perfect time to get rid of the pedestal sink that has a crack in it, and get a new sink in there. And if we’re buying that cute little white sink at Lowe’s, we should take this opportunity to put a new faucet on it, something really adorable.

Okay, so we’re all planned out. We have our paint colors chosen – probably buying them this Friday – but while we’re at it … I mean, really, we don’t LIKE that credenza down there at the end of the diningroom all that much, how hard would it be to find something new? And since the kittens have come SO close too many times to knocking over that wall butler and smashing the mirror, why don’t we – since we’re painting and all – buy a new wall mirror and a chest instead? We can give the wall butler to our sister or maybe our niece. Oh, and what better time to install those two new dining room lights we’ve had our eye on??

So far, that’s all that has come up 🙂

But really – what’s more fun than painting? It’s the easiest, cheapest way to give yourself a completely new look without buying new furniture or having to pull up carpet or something dramatic. You have to take down all the art anyway, so you take the opportunity to put it up differently, rearrange the order, change up what painting goes on what wall. Maybe you even get creative, and hand paint some quotes among the frames. I’ve finally found a space for a group of steampunk-style wall clocks I’m going to get that will look great against the new wall color.

One of my coworkers was bitten by the snowmonster too, so I know it’s not just me. He and his wife are putting in new shower wall tiles, and realized then the floor will look grungy … and if they put in a new floor, the sink and counter will look dull …

What really horrifies me isn’t so much the snowball effect that turned a simple repaint of one room into a whole house makeover … it’s the thought of painting three rooms WITH FIVE CATS!

Maybe if I put little foam brushes on their feets . . .

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