OMG are you freaking KIDDING me?

No, it’s not a joke – The Velvet Zebra is now on (gasp) Facebook!

Yes, I know, I’ve mocked Facebook more than once in the past. I still think it’s a strange, strange place. And for the record, it’s not like I’M on Facebook, really. It’s The Velvet Zebra that is. You won’t see any videos of me doing the Macarena in the library or updating everyone on what I had for breakfast … even I don’t care what I just ate.

But you WILL see news about The Velvet Zebra. Postings of our new designs, pictures of the jewelry, new book announcements, talks about what’s coming, what’s being made and what The Velvet Zebra is up to.

I’m a total N00b when it comes to Facebook, so I might not be doing it right for a while, but I’m working on it. I know you can “Like” the page, so I did something right. I “think” you can leave comments … if you’ve tried and can’t, let me know. I’m such a paranoid, I might have too many padlocks on the whole thing – you know I freak out when it comes to Big Brother. After all, I only have sisters 🙂

But my niece has offered to help if I get stuck, and I’m always open to learning new things. After all, just this last weekend I learned how to take better photos of the jewerly while three rambunctious 9-month old kittens try desperatly to help ! So if you see any little hairs in any of the photos, they’re not mine!

The same goes with paws, claws, tails or a red-faced woman screaming.

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