Customer Service Fail

So, back in December, while getting ready for our Christmas trip to New Mexico, my sister and I realized we both could do with new pairs of jeans. We didn’t really need them right away, but we figured – what the heck? We’re going on vacation, it’d be nice to have new jeans to bring along.

Now, we’re picky about our jeans, and we don’t wear the same styles, but what we like can be hard to find in the stores. Especially in our small town. No problem, we figured, we like Lee jeans and this is the world of the Interwebs – we can go online and order them directly from Lee, get them shipped quickly, and have them in time for our trip.

Cool beans, right?

Not so much.

My sister went online, using her computer, found the jeans she wanted and placed her order. She picked Expedited Shipping, for an extra $14.00, in order to have the jeans arrive before we flew out. Thinking that was pretty cool, I pulled out my iPad and went to, found the jeans I liked, and placed an order – and I, too, picked the Expedited Shipping.

They should have arrived in 5 working days. They even emailed us both Tracking numbers, so I kept an eye out for them as the days ticked by. Watching them travel across the US.

They should have arrived on a Friday, but they didn’t. So by Sunday, I was pretty pissed. I logged on to UPS and looked up the Tracking number – low and behold, they were delivered to my front door on Friday.

Um … NOT. Not only did they NOT get delivered, my sister and I happened to be home all day that Friday, and UPS never even drove by our house.

Furious, because I get that way, I emailed UPS with the tracking information (and let me tell you, just doing THAT was a circus. They make you sign up for an account before you can even email them a complaint!) I tell them that the tracking information says my order was delivered on Friday, but it in fact was not. I even explain that I was home all day Friday, and UPS never came to my door.

Hours later, I get an email back from UPS. “We’re so sorry you’re experiencing a problem with delivery. We looked up your Tracking information, and it turns out your package was delivered on Friday to your front door.”

Me: “Um, no, it farking wasn’t.”

UPS: “It says here it was.”

Me: “And I’m telling you it wasn’t. I was here, UPS was not.”

UPS: “Try looking around, perhaps it fell behind a bush. Or check with a well meaning neighbor who might have taken it for you. Are there any other adults in the house who might have it and failed to tell you?”

Me: “Are you fucking with me?”

UPS: “If the package has gone missing, it is the responsibility of the Shipper to replace or find it.”

Now, in what universe can UPS lose your package and claim it’s the company that used UPS to send it who is at fault??? Seriously.

So I emailed, and explained to them my issue. From MY OWN EMAIL I gave MY order number, and said that UPS claims it was delivered but it in fact was not. Then, using my sister’s email, I sent them the same note, using HER name, HER order number, HER email address.

The next day we each get an email from “We show that your package was delivered on Friday. Check your front porch. And thank you for using”

Am I being punked?

Furious(er) I send off a rant to, explaining to them that NO, in fact the package is NOT at my front door. That my front door isn’t so large a package can go without notice by two grown adults, and that I wanted a replacement order shipped ASAP.

Days later, my sister and I each get emails explaining that replacement jeans will be shipped shortly, as soon as they sort this all out, and we’ll get a confirmation email when it ships.

Well now it’s too late. Our trip was here, we left without new jeans. AND without any new order being shipped. Several days into our stay in New Mexico, we’re standing in a Starbucks in Los Alamos with our family, my sister gets this email from Lee:

“We have shipped 2 different orders to 2 different people at the same address. Please provide an alternate address for the replacement order.”

Whaaa?? Yes, you idiots, you shipped orders to two people – orders that failed to arrive. You need to ship them again. Is it so alien to find two adults living at the same house??

Frustrated, and on our farking VACATION, I had her email them back and give them MY work address for an alternate – saying they should ship there because they would be signed for when they arrived.

Baffled, we moved on, but the very next day I got the same stupid email. Exact same email. So I replied exactly the same way. Told them to ship the jeans to my work address, and they would be signed for when they arrived.

I get back to work, January 3rd, expecting to find two packages with jeans in them, but of course nothing is here. Then later that day I got an email telling me my order shipped, and would arrive in 10 business days, and my sister gets the same email. The next day at home, a box arrived with my sister’s jeans. TO THE HOUSE! And then, you guessed it, 10 days later a package comes to my work … MY SISTER’S JEANS!

Not mine.

Yesterday I emailed Lee again, furious that my jeans have never shown up. I gave them my order number, and I told them that my sister’s jeans arrived – gave them that order number – but mine have not yet arrived. And I said I was fed up, and wanted them to refund me my money and keep the damn jeans.

Today I get an email from “Your jeans arrived on 1/16 and were signed for by K Williams.”

Well yes, you ass hole, my SISTER’S JEANS ARRIVED! And yes, I signed for them, and yes it was on 1/16. WHERE THE F ARE MINE?!?!?

Never. Order. From. Lee. Now not only do I not have any new jeans, but they’re too stupid to understand the issue, and won’t refund me the money because they’re convinced my jeans came.

My sister gets two pair of jeans, I get high blood pressure.

I wonder if Levi Jeans employ the same idiots . . .

One thought on “Customer Service Fail

  1. I hope that your sister’s jeans cost more than yours ;). At least twice as much. Not much of a consolation, but then would have lost some too.
    I have faced customer service fail, but you win. Best luck next time facing the proverbial idiot on the other side.

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