I’m not very popular around here. It’s been dancing around in the 80’s these past few weeks, only dipping down in the 40’s overnight, and I’ve been WHINING ABOUT IT!

Seriously, people, it’s September. It’s Fall. I should be putting away the Summer clothes and pulling out the warmer stuff. Long sleeves, cuddly fabrics, darker colors. I should be able to wear a coat in the morning and NOT forget it on the way home. I should be sipping hot tea on the couch every evening, watching the leaves change color.

Instead, I’m still wearing short sleeves, taking a coat in the morning that I completely forget to bring home because while I drove to work in 43 degrees, I’m heading home in the 80’s and sweating! Instead of hot tea, I’m getting home and plopping ice in my glass. Lots and lots of ice.

Even my friend who moved here from Minnesota in the Spring, is wishing it would hurry up and start raining already. Granted, he might be singing a different tune when he’s gone 6 months without seeing the sky …

But I’m ready for it. I always hated this last-ditch effort of Summer, popping back into view when September begins. Putting off the coolness that is Fall for another few weeks. Every year this happens, and every year I whine about it. But it can’t last forever. Soon – not soon enough, but soon – it’ll be grey again. There’ll be a chill in the air, crisp and biting. The leaves will change from greens to oranges, yellows and reds. It’ll be dark enough, just dark enough, when I get off of work that I’ll need to turn on the headlights. The day time sky will be the same gunmetal color as the bay and the navy ships floating on it.

Soon I’ll get home at dusk, and hear the “pa-woof” of the gas furnace coming on. The new kittens have no idea that big grate in the floor brings heat – I can’t wait till they experience more than just the little pilot light for the first time. I hope by then they’ve stopped leaving all their mousie toys on top of it. The bigger boys can teach them how they worship at the edges of the Big Hot – Great Heat Giver in the Floor.

Soon it’ll be dark by the time I’m making dinner. I’ll have to close the curtains, put on the water for a pot of tea. Change into my sweats and a sweatshirt instead of the tank top I’ll have to wear tonight (ugh) Then cuddle up on the couch, grab a faux fur blanket for my lap if none of the cats wanna snuggle with me (and having done so, will then have at least 3 of them want to join me) and relax in the blanket of happy that is Fall.

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