What the Frak?!

It is April, right?  Around here the temperature should be in the upper 50’s, low 60’s, with the occasional spurt of sunshine among the cloudy, raining days.

Yesterday, it SNOWED!

Well it hailed, really, although on the car windshield it looked like snow. It actually started to accumulate, enough that I took a picture with my phone and sent it to a friend.

Unfreakin’ believable.  It snowed again this morning in some places around Seattle, but at my house we just had frost on the grass and cars. People who don’t park under cover or in a garage had to scrape some ice.

If we don’t get a Spring by May, I’m gonna be seriously pissed.  We skipped Spring altogether last year, went from a damp, cold Winter into a late, damp, cold Summer somewhere around July 15th.  Never got to plant flowers in the window boxes, never really got anything much to grow outside. My lawn is now 90% moss and 10% grass, which isn’t all that bad, considering. Moss is green and soft and lush in appearance, and it’s a helluva lot easier to mow.

I know we had a really mild Winter, compared to the rest of the country, but that doesn’t mean we have to skip Spring, does it?

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