Oh Joyous day!

Well, joyous few-days-ago, anyway. Today I have a headache, a carry over from yesterday’s attorney/lawsuit – overstimulation.

But a few days ago, I got my laptop back from “those repair dudes” and it’s AWESOME! They not only restored every single byte of my data, but they replaced the dead 40G hard drive with a brand spanking new 160G hard drive, then put everything back on the new one so that, when I flicked the ol’ switcheroo, it was all back to normal !

Yeah, this isn’t news to you geeks out there, but it might as well have been a magic trick to me. I’d already gone beyond my meager abilities to boot in safe mode and affix some repairs, so I was helpless and hopeless.

Now I have my baby back ! And it didn’t cost an arm and a leg, either. AND, those guys were totally awesome and polite and effy’fing. I’d go back to them in a heartbeat, I just hope I don’t ever have to.

It’s so good to have my baby back. She was virus free, thanks to my Extreme Paranoia Gene. She may be an oldie, but she’s a workhorse, from back in the day when they made solid, performance desktop replacements. Nowadays, these newfangled laptops are skittish as hell and twice as likely to throw a hissy fit.

And thanks to my new Seagate 640G external hard drive, I have not one, not two, but THREE full copies of my files safe and backed up. And in three completely separate places in the house, for added security, safety and ridiculousness.

You’d think I had some Pulitzer prize winning novel stored on the machine or something, but think about how YOU’D react, if someone were to completely erase everything stored on your computer, right now, today, with no warning. Photos? Emails? What about your taxes? All those cute LOLcat pictures you’ve saved over the years? That video of little Joey’s first steps – the recipe to your favorite dessert? The address book you keep thinking you should write down somewhere safer? Emailed receipts, activation codes, or all the passwords to your websites that you can’t ever seem to remember?

It’s sad how much of our daily lives wind up stored in these things – little stuff we’d be really irritated to lose. Granted, we can go on without them. It’s possible, honest. The world won’t come sliding to a stop, the sky won’t fall, and your little dingus won’t turn green if your computer blew up and you lost everything you’d ever done.

But wouldn’t it be nicer if you didn’t have to find that out the hard way?

In other news: Man, did you know the price of gold is over $1,000/ounce?! Holy carp, Batman. On Monday the 22nd, I’m having dinner with a woman who happens to buy gold for her job. It’s not one of those “come to the hotel lobby next Sunday and we’ll buy your gold!” deals – this is a woman who happens to be a good friend of my oldest sister’s friend (wow, when you type that out it sounds so hokey). What I mean is, yes, her job is to pay cash for your gold – but she’s not a nameless, faceless company. I know where she lives, in other words. So yeah, she’s coming over and a few of us are having dinner, then selling her our unwanted gold. Hot damn, eh?

Power to the People!

Make Love, Not War!

Oooh, shiny . . .wanna buy it?

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