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I got a good chuckle this morning when the phone rang here at work, and I answered in my usual fashion, and all I heard was heavy breathing. Not the breathing of someone who doesn’t realize you’ve answered the phone, and not the breathing of someone who doesn’t even realize their bluetooth headset just butt-dialed you. No, this was the real thing. Genuine, on purpose, deep inhalations.

Then a phone rang in the distance and my caller hung up.

Now, even the least tech-savvy person among us realizes the power of *69. And, as luck would have it, this call came in on the only line we CAN use that function on, because it’s the only line of three that doesn’t come through the main system.

So I dutifully dialed the recall number, figuring this was going to be the maintenance supervisor, who still can’t figure out his bluetooth headset, who may have butt-dialed me on purpose as a joke. But the number I got back was unfamiliar. Local, but unfamiliar.

Before simply dialing back, I thought I’d check it out, and utilized the also-simple and usually effective Reverse Lookup. Another easy to use method of finding out who called me without having to call them back.

Only what I found was even more disturbing. The number belonged to a woman, who works as a loan officer in a local bank.

Well, I’m as hip as the next person, but I do prefer the fellas, myself. So I laughed it off, and didn’t bother calling back.

Then the phone rang. I picked it up, and a very nice woman on the other end asked for one of my fellow employees. I had to take a message, and sure enough it was this woman from the bank. I didn’t bother mentioning the previous porn call.

Technology, people. Remember, if you really want to hide from the world, you have to unplug first !

What else is new?

I’m still working on my current novel. Took a day off last week and one this week to do some ghost writing, but that’s always quick and easy (not to mention rather fun).

I have to drive to the city on Thursday and find out if my “early pre-cancer” is turning in to anything, but I doubt it is.

And did I mention I’m gathering up steam in order to sue the hospital where my sister’s surgery was? No? Well, it’s in the early fact-finding stages thus far, but suffice it to say the surgeon left a large wad of gauze inside her body that has resulted in a wound failing to heal properly after four months ! As luck would have it, through personal networking we’ve come into contact with the head of the legal department of said hospital and that allowed us to start the ball rolling, as it were.

More on that as it progresses.

I’m in training for my cancer awareness walk – hiking around my old High School track every weekend jammin’ my tunes. As soon as the sun can hang around longer in the evening, I can increase that to after work walkies.

And my computer is ALIVE ! At least that’s what they tell me, I get to pick it up tonight after work, hopefully. Dead hard drive, they say. I guess that’s not untoward, seeing as how this Inspiron is 8 years old and heavily used. A new hard drive only cost me $95 buckaroos, and they saved all of my data ! Score.

Beats the heck out of buying a whole new computer, don’t it? With all my data saved as the cherry on top. Of course, this reality could all come crashing down if I go pick it up tonight and find out that “oopsie, wrong computer!”

In the mean time,

Power to the People!

Make Love, not War!

We can avoid arbitration for Elebenty-million dollars, kthxbai.

3 thoughts on “news you can use

  1. They left GAUZE in there!?

    “Okay, all done. I don’t think I’m forgetting any– oh! my watch! haha! Okay, no, that’s everything, close her up.”

    Crimeny. Lawsuit is right!

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