thank heaven’s that’s over!

I have a love/hate relationship with the holidays. Mostly, I find I’m glad when Christmas is over and a new year is coming. Time to get back to the routine, get stuff sorted out, put back to rights, whatever you want to call it.

I like a New Year !  2009 has been full of crap, if you ask me, and I’m looking forward with hopeful anticipation to a much improved 2010.  Now that the holiday horrors are finished, I can settle back in to writing my current novel – and starting in January my friend Pete and I are each hand-writing in a sort of friendly “competition” with each other. We’re each working on novels at the moment, but we’re going to ALSO work on “notebook novels” wherein we’re required to hand write a novel, in single-subject notebooks, alongside our works in progress.

This should be fun! (she said with eyes happily rolling)  Actually I really enjoy writing by hand, even if my hand doesn’t enjoy it quite so much. It’s a great break from the glow of a computer screen, and the dramatic white of that blank cyber-page. You can sit somewhere else, take it with you, curl up with it on the couch or in bed, and hand writing makes you seriously slow down and give greater thought to each word.

It’ll be interesting for me to find out if I CAN work on two novels at the same time. Some writers can, some can’t. Personally, I’ve never really tried – but there’s no better time than NOW, eh?

So here we go. Into 2010, starting January with a hopeful heart, flippin’ the bird to 2009, and standing fast against the … well, insert something poetic here, I’m tapped out!

Power to the People!

Make Love, Not War!

Are there any cookies left?

2 thoughts on “thank heaven’s that’s over!

  1. Well, Happy New Year even though I’ve never understood that artificial demarcation of time. It’s not like life actually knows it’s a new year and things will improve. If someone had a bad year, say, spent the whole year unemployed, that’s not 2009’s fault. And the fact that it’s going to become 2010 doesn’t automatically mean a job will appear on the horizon. Time is impersonal with regards to the happenstance of our lives.

    There. Me being curmudgeon-like. 😀

    Happy New Year anyway, Muse.

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