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So  I think I’ve finally gotten it together enough to say that the Keeper series is in full swing, and now available (in part) at the Midnight Reading site.  Right now, you can buy/download/read the first book: KEEPER and also Book 2 in the series: MADNESS.

Book 3 in the Keeper series will be available in June 2009, and the final book (#4 for those who can count) will be available in October 2009.

You can read them for free online, or buy a downloadable ebook, or purchase them as trade paperbacks.  Meanwhile, Ether is still posting a chapter per week, and enjoying much success and happiness.  And I shall strive to get my self in gear and blog a bit more often – I’ve been horribly lax this Winter and just waiting for Spring to get here!

Gah. I’ve had quite enough of Winter, thankyouverymuch.

2 thoughts on “News and things

  1. YAY! I’ve been lurking and waiting for more news about the books being available! Question though – when I go to the page for the stories the first two are available in html format up to chapter 13, are they the complete stories or just up to chapter 13 and to see the rest I need to buy the books?

    I think I’m miss-reading your first sentence but I just wanted to double check as there’s no “the end” at the end of the last online chapter. And I’ll probably end up buying them at some point either way.

  2. Hi Jen, glad you found the sequels 🙂

    I’m not one of those writers who feels the need to put The End at the end of a story, so if you’ve reached the final chapter you can safely assume that’s The End. I didn’t put Keeper or Madness up as partial novels, but completed ones. And when the other two appear, they’ll also be posted as completed novels.

    Only Ether right now is posting a chapter a week until it’s concluded.

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