whoa, dude, srsly?

Have you ever been so wrapped up in some project or other and then suddenly look up and realized just how much time had passed without you so much as realizing?

When you find yourself concentrating very deeply on a project at work and the time just flies – or you’re out somewhere having a great time and suddenly it’s later than you think?

Well – I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I update the blog đŸ˜€ I’ve been deeply intrenched in my latest novel, writing every day and engaging in little mini word count battles to improve my own stamina and production rate. In fact, I’ve gone from my typical 2,000 words a day production to spurts of 6,000 words in a single day. Since my last blog post, I’ve added over 30,000 words to this new novel and I’m loving it!

Oh, and I even changed the title, from Gray Area, to In The Time of Dying. Somehow in the course of odd events, I’ve even taken to referring to it as Not Todd, but that’s another story.

In the meantime, I’ll try to remember to blog a bit more often. I’m prepping for our annual summer art show, wherein my sister and I will stand for 3 days in a booth on the grass by a marina and sell rocks to wealthy tourists. It’s a people-watching bonanaza, and always filled with interesting observations and some pretty bizarre tales.

So, that’s what’s new on my side of the woods. How’s about you?


2 thoughts on “whoa, dude, srsly?

  1. Great for you, Kristine!

    I’ve been so wrapped up in my pain that it’s taken over my life. It’s been a long, hard road, and I’m not even close to being done yet.

    So that’s my saga, and it seems everyone is busy doing something productive, which is excellent for each of you out there.

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