Need a good read?

So, Pete has this new thing, see, and it happens to be launching today – he says the site isn’t fully functional as of yet, but he was determined to go live – something about pants, and links not finished.

I dunno – why don’t you go check it out. I’m “pretty sure” he’s wearing pants.

Edge of the Universe.

3 thoughts on “Need a good read?

  1. I DO need to get the subscription page up and running. đŸ™‚ But Web Programmer Jeremy is still building the membership system, the subscription system, all of that. And we had a snaffu with the bank, so THAT account won’t be open until Saturday (which isn’t actually a big deal…)

    Mostly, I wanted to offer some free content before a few of the series vanished behind the Subscription Barrier Of Doom. (God in the Machine will remain free. Outsiders will be mostly freely available). So we’re working on getting all the site stuff running and usable, and THEN we’ll build a system for moneys.

    (why am I commenting on a blog? I have so much writing to do. I should be doing that instead. Agh!)

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