did she, or didn’t she?

Ever have one of those days – the kind where you can’t remember if you did something or not?

I’m sitting here wondering if I remembered to put on deoderant or not.  It’s one of those routine things that you do religiously without any real conscious thought. Something you do in the morning, when you’re not quite fully awake. Like when you drive to work in the morning and realize you have no memory of the commute.

I’m pretty sure I did.

I’m almost positive I did.

I think.

One thought on “did she, or didn’t she?

  1. You could always sneak in to the bathroom to take a whiff of your underarms. My deodorant smells like baby powder so it’s easy to tell if it’s there. Plus I usually feel wrong at some point of the day if I forget.

    That blank mind thing hits me a lot. I’m always wondering if I left the stove on or did something else that’s stupid.

    I just have a feeling that today is one of those extra coffee days.

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