3rd time’s the charm

So, another 3-day weekend, another chance to PAINT MY BEDROOM!!

That’s right, folks.  First I painted it way too dark brown, turning my little 10×10 room into the batcave. So then, in an effort to lighten it all up, I found Desert Sand, which turned out a little too pale and blah for me (plus, it had this odd sort of plum undertone).  Desperate to find the right color, and dreading emptying out the room again, I forged onward.

To Lowes, where I brought home dang near every single paint square thingie they had !  After narrowing them down to the 5 best contestants, I taped those squares up on my walls, and lived with them for a week, noting how each one looked in the light, at night, during the sun, on a cloudy day.

Finally got that grouping narrowed down to 3.  Then, tossed one out because it was so close to the other two.  So I had it down to 2 colors, and got this crazy notion to do the entire room in one color but then do one wall in the other, like an accent wall.  And since it was the darker of the two, I needed the accent wall facing the window.

So, on Friday, I emptied out the room AGAIN, prepped on Saturday morning, and got busy.  This time (I must be getting better at this) I managed to paint with clothes ON and didn’t get paint all over me.  With the help of my sister, she did the cutting in, I rollered on this new color – Cinnamon Brulee – and fell instantly in love.

FINALLY, this was the color I’d been searching for all this time!  Then when it got time to paint the darker wall, I poured it out, ooohed and ahhhed over the pretty color, rollered it on one patch, and hated it.  Luckily it was easy enough to paint over, so my entire bedroom (all four walls and ceiling) are now Cinnamon Brulee.

And it’s fantastic!  No more painting for me!  Who knew it could be SO hard to find just the right shade of color.  Especially when you had this idea in your head of what you wanted, but couldn’t find a sample square anywhere that matched it.

Cinnamon Brulee = Happy Camper.

4 thoughts on “3rd time’s the charm

  1. I’m glad you found something that works for you. It’s so hard to pick out the perfect stuff.

    There’s so much remodeling that I want to do, but now is not the time, I guess. My long weekend was really long, and not all that pleasant. I got to meet my brother’s new girlfriend, though. She’s pretty cool, and she played with Piper a bunch.

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