Coming Soon

To the Interwebbies near you . . .

One of my most beloved, yet eternally Unpublished novels – Keeper – will soon be available in paperback.   And, if sales are decent enough to warrant the bother, it has sequels 😀

This is a novel (series) I wrote years (and years) ago, then completely rewrote.  What was once 5 stand alone novels became 3, better written books. And while they are, admittedly, not commercial enough, they’re still a damn entertaining read, if you ask me 😀

So keep an eye on the blog – details and links will be available by no later than July 1st, and possibly sooner.  And if Keeper strikes your fancy, you’ll soon have an interesting assortment of other novels, written by other authors, in various genres – free for the download or easily purchased as paperbacks to have, hold, and share.

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