pet my peeves

Yes, I have a pet peeve today.  It’s people who ASSUME. 

Yeah, we all know what you do when you assume, so I won’t repeat it here. But another thing you do when you assume is teeve me off!

So, the other day, I’m in the city and suffering from a severe low blood sugar. That happens, quite a bit actually, but rarely ever does it reach this depth. So by the time I dash in to a Seattle’s Best (because Starbucks was another two blocks and I couldn’t wait that long) I was seriously crashing. Thankfully the line had just cleared out, so I get to the counter, order a soy latte and an oatmeal raisen cookie and I tell the nice, but vacous girl behind the counter that I’m terribly sorry but I’m close to passing out and could she please hurry it along?

I was eyeing a package of jelly beans on the counter, but sugar is a last resort. I needed the cookie.

She’s typing up the order on her little register . . .for, like, ten minutes! Then tells me the total for my latte. She’d forgotten the cookie.  I reminded her, and yes – my tone was less than pleasant. That’s what happens when my blood sugar drops. I get short and sometimes mean. But I didn’t swear, or say anything rude.  So she’s back to the register, re-typing the whole order.  Another 10 minutes.

I inform her I’m dangerously close to passing out.  She goes to get the cookie.

I swear to you, she was gone five minutes. I couldn’t even see where she’d gone. So I ask the second cashier what in the HELL is taking so long, the cookies were in the case right there, and I’m seconds away from eating those jelly beans.

“She’s heating it up for you.”

I informed her I didn’t WANT my cookie hot, I wanted it IN MY BELLY!

“We assume all customers want the cookies hot, so we do that automatically.”

Well, yes, folks – this mild-mannered writer blew a gasket.

So I get my cookie, warm, and I’m desperately shoving it down my gullet waiting for my soy latte, which will sustain me properly.  But Oops, she forgot to tell the barista.

Fifteen minutes later, and very nearly a 911 call, I get my latte and she gave me back my money.

Bad enough, right?  But no, it doesn’t end there, this peeve I’m petting.  Monday morning I need to fill up the car before driving to work, and the pump register isn’t working, so instead of paying outside, I have to pump and then go inside to pay. I walk in, and immediately the woman behind the counter declares “Your phone number.”

Dazed (it was 6:00am and I was freezing) I tell her my number.

“No, that’s not right.”

“Um, yes, it is. I know my number,” says I.

She types it three more times. “No, it’s not.”

I asked her why in the name of all that’s holy does she even need my phone number? I just want to pay for my diesel and go to work.

“For your Safeway card,” she states blankly.

“Did I walk in here and say I had a Safeway card?” I ask, beginning to boil and hoping that shakes off the chill from the wind that tried to blow me to the ground while pumping. “I don’t USE a Safeway card! Not one time did you ASK me if I had a Safeway card!”

“I assumed you did. We assume everyone does.” was her reply.

And you’d think that’d be enough, right? That I’d get to work and meditate a little, and all would be well?

HA!  I get home that night, and my sister is opening her mail – there’s a letter in there from her health insurance.  She had knee surgery last week, a simple procedure, but it was the result of a fall she’d taken 8 years ago. She was walking along, and tripped, and landed hard on her knee.  It happens.

Her doctor asked what she’d done, she told her.  The surgeon asked how it happened, she told him.

So the insurance company mails her a form that declares:  We believe this accident to be the result of a Labor and Industries work related incident.  If that is NOT the case, you are required to fill out this five page form explaining how this is NOT a work related accident and mail it in immediately before we can process your claim.


Asses.  All of them.

I feel better now, thanks.

11 thoughts on “pet my peeves

  1. LOL! People should pay attention. Assuming is stupid.

    I expect my temper to get shorter and shorter for about the next three months. People will suffer for stupidity, I’m sure

  2. I just assume all people are idiots and work up from there. Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised.

    I didn’t know Seattle’s Best was a coffee chain. I’ve seen the bags of beans at the store and just assumed it was some mass coffee producer using that name to lure us rubes in who think Seattle is this cool place to be and thusly by extention drinking coffee named after Seattle makes us cool.

  3. Well, aside from the fact that Seattle IS cool, and a cool place to be, Seattle’s Best is a coffee chain that was, seven years ago, purchased by Starbucks but allowed to maintain the name Seattle’s Best and run itself the way it always had been.

  4. There were some cops who assumed it would be a good idea to block a lane of traffic in each direction during rush hour, while standing on the sidewalk and talking with each. Like laughing and talking. There was no reason for them to be blocking traffic at that time. They just were.

  5. Well, I’ve not announced it officially, but we’re telling family this weekend. I’m pregnant.

    I was horrid monster the first trimester. My hormones tend to get the best of me until my body adjusts.

    Big exciting times.

  6. Crap! That was supposed to be, “I was a horrid monster the first trimester last time.”

    I am so not awake today, and this cutting down on caffeine thing is killing me.

  7. Thanks. I’ve gotta write up a big doo-dad on my Mom blog. I seem to post there more than the other these days. I’m guess that it’s because it has a real topic and I’m very involved in that topic. But both of my blogs have recent posts.

    Unfortunately, I don’t get my first ultrasound until May 7. I wish they could squeeze me in sooner so we could see that this pregnancy looks normal, but my doc’s getting ready to start her maternity leave in the middle of May, and she’s booked solid. They had to find an opening to squeeze me into in the first place.

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